Thursday, 28 September 2017

The Handmade Fair @ Hampton Court

Wow, what an amazing event! This was my first ever time exhibiting my work, kits and promoting my Crafternoon events.  Months of planning, making, writing and thinking were all put into the event and I was over the moon with how it went.

The Make & Take was the Travel Sewing kit or Brooch and we had lots of people joining us to take the weight off their feet, sew and natter at my 1950's table and chairs.It was great to show my kits to the world and was really pleased with the comments and indeed sales that resulted.  The Kantha, Sashiko & Boro style captured imaginations and hopefully we will see more customer completed projects soon.

The chair- what can I say? This was a last minute plan that really took off. I bought the chair to complete the look of a vintage kitchen come living room to give a great feel to the stand.  I was going to cover the chair in patches myself, but I thought that it would be great to encourage the passing public to help me.  Then it dawned on me that I could use the chair and its growing patches to raise money.... so it had to be for Ovarian Cancer Research!

I was overwhelmed by the number of people that stopped and took time out of their day to sew a patch on and make a donation.  Several came back later on or the next day just to see how the patches were growing. Women, children and even men joined the cause and we had to move the chair out into the middle of the stand so that several people could sew at the same time.

Thank you everyone who contributed and we managed to raise £107.50 for Ovarian Cancer Research.

I've got so many people to thank for helping me to get to the show :-

Chris Sweeney, my brother for designing the gorgeous vinyl back drop
Lesley & Angela for helping me on the stand.
Claire for not only helping me on the stand, but driving the furniture back and forth and setting up.
Zani for designing my business card and gorgeous thread cards.
Kate Molloy for desiging my amazing logo
Zani, Claire & Ruth for testing my designs
Heidi Smith for helping with my Crafternoon Tea invitation design
Glenn and the kids for keeping me sane and letting me try out my wild idea.

Thank you and here's to more events!

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